Get Smart With The Smart Pen

The development in technologies is always welcomed by people as they have lots of advantages related to them. It is not easy to make an invention that will be liked by all. Here are some of the latest technological advancements that are of great assistance in the corporate world today.

Livescribe Echo Smartpen is a type of pen that will be used for recording the voices while taking the notes. It can be played later in order to complete the missed out points from the lecture or any other place where note taking is of extreme importance. These clips can also be saved and stored in computers and laptops using the USB pin connectors.

iPhone and iPads also help in storing and retrieving such clips. The same USB connectors will help you in recharging the pen. This pen can store a recorded audio that can play till 800 hours or 400 hours, according to the model of the pen chosen. OLED display will be included in this pen in order to make the navigation between the data in the pen easier. The cost of this pen starts from $169.95.