Rainless Cloud Possible?!

A question and an exclamatory mark, hence shows that I am not going to talk about artificial rain here…. Technology in the cloud is what it is, with people (including you and me) wanting to store more things in short space, storing them in the cloud is the best way forward. I am looking forward for the day when gold, silver, diamond and rubies will get encrypted into data and stored in one of these cloud vaults!!!! Well, it may sound farfetched but you never know what can happen!!!

Cloud storage has become the in thing today. What people were storing on computers they want to do so in increased quantities as they are quick to realise that their systems aren’t facilitated to store huge volumes of data as they would like. Hence, a distant storage system that helps to retrieve data whenever they want to while not occupying space in their own systems.

There are many renowned players today like Cloud London 365 that offer cloud storage for business houses. Though in the personal front this hasn’t been as much sought after as it is in the corporate world, it is not far when the day will come where everyday users will want to use cloud facilities for storing their home accounts and chat conversations.