The British Government has had enough of Oracle. In any case, that’s what they said in a recent survey. The Cabinet Office – the executive arm of the Prime Minister – would indeed clearly ask to “get rid of Oracle.” In one question, the significant amounts paid to the publisher, and the number of licenses and duplicates that are common in the administration of the United Kingdom were cited as reasons to say goodbye. Perhaps they should have consulted with local  IT support in Norwich?

More than anything, however, is the price, which seems to be a problem according to our colleagues. In 2013, the public sector would have paid 209 million pounds to Oracle. That is certainly a significant amount, but it may be warranted.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs would thus have paid 1.3 million pounds to Oracle, representing a cost of £ 155 per user and just above 200 licenses by officials. The Cabinet Office’s target figure in terms of cost is currently £93 per user with a stated aim to go down to just 52 pounds per user.

Another problem – for which the administration is fully responsible – is that no inventory, and no inventory of software licenses exists anywhere. So no one knows who or where Oracle licenses are used. Nor how many there are or how they are used, precisely. According to the Register , the Cabinet request was clearly perceived internally as an order to turn away from Oracle. But the thing is not yet done. The contracts, the number of different versions and other tangles have set up a complex network that will be difficult to overcome. This intricacy of being interwoven into the Cabinet’s affairs is one advantage that Oracle plans to use to its fullest in order to remain in use and in place.

“Oracle has always been a company with that expensive bill, very oriented to the sale … they are not there to tell you how to spend less,” says a former company consultant specializing in Oracle contracts, Craig Guarente.

This project of the British Government was not commented on officially by Oracle but has already drawn the ire of a VP of Forrester. “Enacting this policy is a bad idea,” writes Duncan Jones. First, because Oracle products are good (often topping the charts of the analysis firm, he recalls) and the price is not the only variable to be considered. “Why impose a Ministry to buy cheaper if what they buy instead is not as good,” he says. “If Oracle is the right strategic choice, you need to buy it and use it.” Secondly, because the best option is not, according to him, to dispense with an editor or to create competition (especially with open source products) but to create a stable environment and a constructive and sustainable relationship encouraging Oracle to become a true partner.

“Too much competition discourages the best,” he summarizes in a blog post that is generally based around praising projects that are concerned with results and not costs. Unfortunately for him, this is not a philosophy that the Cabinet buys into as wholeheartedly as himself.

iphone screen repair hemel hempstead

The epiphany of a broken iPhone screen is perhaps the most heartbreaking news of the modern era. The smartphone being the most treasured device of the modern times, its maintenance is especially taken care of. If you have recently had the bad faith of experiencing the view of a broken screen, don’t worry because we have got your back. With a lissome list of 5 options, you have no need to brood over a broken screen.

Go direct with Apple

The first option is apple itself, Apple almost always comes to the rescue when informed about such a mishap, but it does take a fair amount of money to do so. If the iPhone is in a fairly decent condition except the screen then Apple would charge you a minimum $86 and a maximum $106. Else while, if your iPhone has other issues as well then the repair would be deemed as an “out of warranty” repair by the company. In such a situation, Apple would demand a hefty amount of $236, which can end up being pretty heavy on the pocket.

iphone screen repair hemel hempstead

Go to a high street repair shop

The second best option for repairing your iPhone is the high street, retailers like Tech Medic, the leading iPhone screen repair shop in hemel hempstead. A costless panacea for all problems, the high streets retailers are perhaps the best option for repairing a broken iPhone screen With charges as low as $40, the repairing process is deemed to not have a huge impact on your pocket. The only problem with this option is that the materials used are not comparable to the ones used by the manufacturer while manufacturing the phone or even while repairing it. Hence, perfection is not guaranteed, but most of the times the high street retailers with their minimal rates, just about work as an option.

iphone screen repair hemel hempsteadOnline Repair Services

The third go to the option during this crisis is online repair services. Gaining a lot of prestige off late, online repair services have built themselves quite a time. The process is really simple and you are thoroughly aided by the means of communication used by such companies MendMyI being the best amongst them. The guarantee of proper apple parts being used is given and your smartphone is couriered back to you with 1-3 days. The process is pretty costly as official parts are used, prices range from £87 for iPhone 5s to a whopping £287 for the iPhone 6.

Do it yourself

The fourth and latest option is the increasing scope of home repairs. One such company offering home repairs is Phone Dude and they will give you the privilege of coming to your house if located in zone 1 of London. The process is pretty fast and the best option for people not really amused of being on the move. The process involves official apple parts and has a pretty average repair price ranging up to £120.

The last and probably the least recommended option is of employing DIY or do it yourself methods. This type of a method usually caters to scratches more than cracks as different remedies are used, including the surprising use of toothpaste. This method may also include car scratch removal cream, which if luck favors you can do a lot of wonders.

Here is a video that shows you how to do it yourself:


Ringing In Changes In The Corporate World

IT Support has changed over the years and technological advancement has a lot to do with it. Outsourcing has become the order of the day with companies focussing only on development and advancement that enables them to take the company to the next level. ‘Business automation’ is the one of the popular jargons that is used in the corporate world today. With specialised IT support for small businesses, even smaller companies find it easy to manage the tons of data that can get accumulated over time.

Advancement needs to be in the right direction though. Business houses cannot trust all and sundry in getting things done. Outsourcing as much as it is easy for the business also has to be trusted in the hands of the right company. The main thing here is that when a service or technology is outsourced the face value still remains with the parent company. Hence, the outsourced units act like extensions or on behalf of the company. It is here that brand image is at stake. Therefore, is it very important to choose the right service that will be able to carry forward the goodwill of the parent company. There is one such that has been providing IT support for those smaller companies in the UK. IT projects are hence undertaken with minimal fuss and maximum benefit for companies across the UK.

Nothing much changes for the customer of a business – he/she gets what he wants, is attended to, served the way they should be and issues resolved at ease for any queries that arise. Outsourcing today has come a long way thanks to the tech development. This offers a new connected world that helps build stronger clientele and efficient workforce that are utilised for maximum benefit. This instigates overall growth and hence paves the way for further development within the country and the world as we know it.

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