Mobile Application and its Various Types

Mobile application is a compact program designed especially for mobile users. The increase functions help me to navigate, buy, sell and perform varied actions. There are millions of user friendly applications present in the market. Most of them are free of cost and only few of them involve some expenses.

Mobile applications have become a part of everyday life, which starts from chatting with friends, ordering food items, booking tickets for movies/events, and interacting with social media to reading updated news. They are divided into three types because of the different development process.

Hybrid: It is equal to native application. It is programmed using advanced web technologies like HTML5, JavaScript, CSS and more. The major advantage of Hybrid application is can perform well on cross platforms.

Web-Based: Applications running on the website browser of the smartphone is termed as web based applications. Some of the examples include chat, email, and the office tools that runs on cloud technology. Due to the development of HTML5, web based applications are easy to develop and has become increasingly popular in recent days.

Native: Application that is designed to run on tablet, smart phone or similar other devices comes under this category. Most of the native applications run on Apple and Android operating systems. It is easy to install as most of the apps are available on the application store itself.
Examples of native application are calculator, calendar, games, built in browsers, etc. They are highly useful and offered by the manufacturers of tablet or phone.

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