The Latest Developments In 3D Technology

3D technology is used in order to make the visual effects on a picture better. Usually special glasses will be used in order to make this effect possible. They were applied in the movies to make them more interesting. But now the 3D technology has been improved to a greater extent, so that there is no requirement of any special glasses for this purpose. And this technology is also going to be implemented in the mobile phones also so that its entertainment value will be added.

Many companies have developed the three dimensional television that has been successful in the market also. The prime technology that is used in the three dimensional viewing would be the viewing of the image with different angles by both the eyes and it makes the special visual effect as the result. This purpose was fulfilled by glasses in an easier way.

But wearing glasses all the time in order to view the images in a three dimensional perspective was a bit odd and uncomfortable for many persons. In order to find the solution for this problem the technicians started projecting two images in the opposite directions on the two dimensional screen which will have some pixels that will help in emitting light in different directions at the same time. But for viewing these images in a proper way then the person has to stand in a particular position else the expected result will not be obtained.

But the recent research done by a famous company has found the solution for this problem and makes the three dimensional image viewing easier. This result shall be obtained mainly due to the lighting effects of the phone and also the display screen position. This development makes the three dimensional technology reach the people to a greater extent.